CBAP Self-study pack

Key Features and outcomes

  • Cut your study time in half

    The BABOK v3 study guide is a concise presentation of the BABOK material. It removes all of the repetitive and less important content from BABOK and provides all of the key information. This study guide is less than half the size of BABOK, allowing you to cut your study time in half, while presenting all the information you need.

  • Test your knowledge

    Assess what you have learned after reading the BABOK v3 Study Guide with several chapter and knowledge area quizzes and a full simulation exam with realistic scenario-based and case study questions to gauge your preparedness for the actual exam.

  • What's included?

    (1)BABOK v3 Study Guide (2)BABOK Exam Workbook (3)BABOK Themes Document (4)BABOK Glossary (5)BABOK KA, task and techniques exercises/games (6) 10 BABOK Chapter Quizzes (7) 4 Full CBAP simulation exams (8) BABOK V3 Study Tables (9) BABOK Flashcards (10)Access to our Learning Library

You're in good hands!!!!