I finished it 45 mins early!

Barry Johnson, CBAP

I did indeed pass the exam. It's a shame they don't give you a score. I finished it 45 mins early. The course was excellent and I believe was a key part of my success. Many thanks.

The course helped me define my learning style.

Adebisi Olufela Oroge, CBAP

The course helped with the preparation for the exam, it made the BABOK a lot easier to understand. I still read through BABOK again and also your Facebook study videos which were really helpful. I would also like to add that the course helped me define my learning style. I subscribed for CBAP simulation exams which also enhanced my learning.

The exam tips were very good

Amy Gick, CBAP

I did complete my CBAP certification. The BA Doc course was one of my primary study tools. I felt like the best parts were the exam tips and practice quizzes/exams themselves. The exam tips were very good. Thanks for putting this together. It was very helpful to have an online way to get my PD hours.

I highly recommend studying through Dr. Michael F White (The BA Doc).

Christopher Prost, CBAP

I earned my CBAP but the exam is tough. I highly recommend studying through Dr. Michael F White (The BA Doc). He has a thorough understanding and background of why things work together. Memorizing terms does not work because there are too many. Understand why things work together, and everything else will follow.

Condensed all the necessary info!

Azeem Kamarulzaman, ECBA

I am pleased to inform I have passed the exam and am now listed under IIBA's Certified Registries! Thanks again for the course, it helped condense all the necessary info into an absorbable template within a short time. Would not have easily passed without it! Kind regards,

Really intuitive and easy to follow

James Dean, ECBA

I have achieved my ECBA certificate and your course helped me a lot!! It was really intuitive and easy to follow.

Got me to focus on that Knowledge Area leading up to the exam.

Rob Jowaisas, ECBA

I sat for and passed the exam yesterday! I performed poorly on the 10-question quiz for RADD and that got me to focus on that Knowledge Area leading up to the exam. The test results said I performed comparable or higher in all focus areas of the exam. Thanks for the help!

Can't believe it!!!!

Brian Megilligan, CBAP

Well I almost can't believe it, but the months of preparation has paid off. I passed the CBAP exam this morning! Thanks for your contribution on my learning journey.

I passed the exam on the first attempt!

Ryan Henderson, ECBA

I am pleased to let you know that I passed the exam on the first attempt. I felt that the course prepared me well for the exam and in particular I enjoyed the glossary section as this helped me to understand certain wording for questions. Especially when some definitions can have multiple terms to introduce them (such as the fishbone diagram). The best part though was in the initial understanding of defining the business analyst to look at current and future state, to look at risk, and to work out the transitions. thank you

A solid course that definitely helped in prepping for the exam

Adrian Bivens, CCBA

I passed the exam! Thanks. The matching (KA and Tasks, Techniques) exercises were great. The course platform worked really well. The course material was sufficient in terms of summarizing what was necessary. Overall I thought it was a solid course that definitely helped in prepping for the exam. Keep up the great work!

Key Benefits

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Key Features

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  • On-demand access 24 x 7 (one-year)

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  • BABOK Study Guide, Workbook, and Digital Study Planner

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  • BABOK v3 Audiobook (Chapters 1-10) - NEW

  • Facebook Support Group- Option to have live Q&A sessions with instructor

  • CBAP exam tips, study strategy, and study exercises

  • Extensive BABOK glossary, BABOK study tables, and BABOK flashcards, and access to our Learning Library

  • Certificate of completion - 35 PD hours

You're in good hands!!!!

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