BABOK v3 Themes


  • What is a BABOK theme?

    A general principle that is presented in various concepts throughout the BABOK Guide. They indicate what BABOK (authors) believe is the most appropriate approach to a situation. Many of these themes are implicit throughout the text so this document was created to draw your attention to them.

  • Why do you need to know them?

    Understanding some of the key themes in BABOK is essential to understanding the rationale behind the material. These themes can be very valuable during studying and test taking. They help choose between two possible answers that seem closely related.

  • Outcomes

    This document provides almost 50 themes that have been identified throughout BABOK. With this document, you no longer have to feel like a mind reader in order to answer your IIBA exam questions correctly. You will have a full and complete understanding of the rationale behind the BABOK material, which cannot be attained by reading BABOK alone.