BABOK v3 Study Guide and Workbook

Key Features

  • Study Guide

    The BABOK v3 study guide is a concise presentation of the BABOK material. It removes all of the repetitive and less important content from BABOK and provides all of the key information. This study guide is less than half the size of BABOK, allowing you to cut your study time in half, while presenting all the information you need.

  • Workbook

    (1) Printable workbook uses learning objectives and recall system to reinforce BABOK content. (2) Student can take notes in the workbook as they navigate through BABOK or the study guide.

  • Test your knowledge

    Workbook contains matching games and exercised to allow you to apply what you've learned. Answers are also provided in the workbooks to verify student responses.

  • Leaning Outcomes

    (1) You will have significantly better retention and understanding of the BABOK Guide. (2) You will be focusing on BABOK content that is relevant to the certification exam.

  • What's Included

    (1) BABOK v3 Study Guide (2)50+ page printable PDF workbook - includes learning objectives and section for taking notes. (3)KA and Task workbook with matching exercise and answer key. (4)Techniques workbook with matching exercise and answer key. (5) BABOK task study tables workbook.